Making a Difference, One Dress at a Time

A letter from USA Children's Designer, Amanda Folz

Thank you for your interest in Alora Safari Designs! I am a preacher’s wife and the mother to three handsome, very busy little boys. We live in the beautiful state of Kentucky. I love being a mommy to three boys. They are my joy, my heartbeat, my inspiration, and they keep me motivated to work hard, pursue my passions, and never give up. I’m 34 years old, and I started my business in 2011, but we branded as Alora Safari Co. in 2013, and have been growing rapidly ever since. Today we serve pageant queens, celebrities, and little princesses all around the world!
By far, my favorite part of designing is the joy my dress designs and outfits bring to my clients. I love it when moms tell me that they cried when they open up their Alora Safari package because they were overjoyed when they saw the magical handcrafted gown made especially for their daughter. It is just the best feeling in the world, to make someone feel extra special.

I named our brand Alora Safari, which is a name that means “My Dream Journey.” Alora Safari was not only created to represent the pursuit of my dreams but it was also created to help inspire others to dream big too. To me, Alora Safari asks the question, "what is your dream journey, whom do you want to become, what will your life declare to the world, what will you live for, what is your Alora safari?" My favorite saying is that we are all created on purpose, with purpose, for a purpose. I believe you will find your purpose when your passions collide with your convictions, talents, dreams, and joys. For me, my Alora safari isn’t just about making pretty dresses. Fashion design is my talent and it brings me joy, but it is not my conviction. Fashion isn’t the injustice that boils my blood and ignites a fire in my soul... So you might ask, What does boil my blood? What convicts my soul and breaks my heart? The 108,000 children living in foster care and the 200 million orphans in the world, and the exploitation that can come to these children as a result of their vulnerability. So for me, my purpose is to use my business and position in the fashion industry to positively impact these things that deeply convict my heart. Alora Safari has allowed me to adopt two children and has given me many opportunities to talk about orphan care, adoption, and child advocacy. I believe that we can all make a difference in our world if we live with purpose. Fashion design is where my passions, convictions, talents, dreams, and joys have collided to give me purpose, and my prayer is that God will help me make this world a better place, one dress at a time.
Dream boldly, pursue your Alora Safari.
xo- USA Children's Designer Amanda Folz